Wednesday, 25 May 2016

European Computer Driving Licence - 20 Army Education Centre Bramcote

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Access to Logistics - Army Reserve

Access to Logistics (A2L) is an exciting new way to join our regimental family for those who can offer their summer to Army Reserve training. Starting on 4 July 16, over a course of 10 weeks you will receive basic soldier training, specialist trade training (Logistics, Chef or HR), conduct adventurous training, and earn your driving license. You will be paid for all of the training you conduct and receive significant financial bonuses for reaching training milestones.

More importantly, A2L is about learning valuable life skills and enhancing your employability. Everyone who completes A2L is guaranteed a job interview with DHL supply chain, and a place in our regiment as a Reservist. 

Huggable Heroes

Monday, 23 May 2016

Carilliion Amey Service - Handhelds at the ready!

Handhelds at the ready!

CarillionAmey understands that the delays getting faults seen to in a timely manner is one of the biggest issues raised by families. So we’ve rolled out over a thousand handheld devices across the business, each one having been upgraded with new software, that provides the vital data needed to spot your problem and identify the tasks to be done and the specialists needed to resolve it. All in all, the result should be a much smoother experience for families from when they make their initial call into our helpdesk.

Of course no technology is useful if people don’t understand how to use it. So our training teams have delivered an intense training package to operatives (our problem fixers), equipping them with the skills to interpret the data coming from the devices and to make quick, accurate decisions about what action to take. On top of that, we have identified 140 people in the business to act as Super Users, highly trained individuals located in all areas of the business who are able to share their expertise about the technology and deal with issues quickly.

We’re still in the early days and customers will gradually start to see the benefits over the coming weeks and months including reduced waiting times, fewer missed appointments and the right tradesperson sorting out families issues quickly and efficiently. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Joining Forces Credit Unions

The MoD has made it possible for three of the UK’s leading credit unions to join forces and make simple savings accounts and loans available to the armed forces and their families.

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Please contact the HIVE if you wish to speak with a local representative.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Carillion Amey Customer Service

Tailored training aims to boost customer service

CarillionAmey employs 138 Accommodation Officers (AOs) including Senior AOs and Trainees, who are our key people helping you when you move in and out of, or during your stay in your Service homes. They are often the first ‘face to face’ contact families have with CarillionAmey.

We are aware that in the past, some of our AOs didn’t always put customers first. As part of our Housing improvement plan we want to make sure that this is put right and so all of our AOs have recently taken part in an intensive training programme which was aimed at giving them a better understanding of the issues that Service families may face when moving home. Here’s what you should look out for in your AO:

  • A willingness to help with advice and guidance on living in your home
  • An understanding of the difficulties of constant home moves and living away from friends and family
  • A desire to help find solutions to any problems that might arise in your property
  • A firm but fair approach to the Moving in and out process
  • A real interest in your community and keeping it smart and tidy and well maintained 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Changes to Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme

Changes have been made to the MOD’s funding schemes for personal and professional development.
New policy governing the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) and further and higher education schemes will make it easier to qualify for this financial support; however it will also mean that a Serving Person planning to use ELC to re-train, they will need to use up their credits within five years, not 10.
Find out more about ELC, which can help you in transition at

More information on the changes is available from the ELCAS website using this link:

The Victory Services Club - New Website Launched

The VSC has launched a new website - see more at this link

Friday, 6 May 2016

Our front line engineers delivering your repairs

Our engineers are on the front line. They are the face of CarillionAmey, the key people who come to your homes and fix your repairs. It’s really important that at the outset of any appointment, they provide good customer care by calling ahead to confirm appointments; are respectful of your home and your belongings and tidy up when the job is done. It’s also important that they have the right qualifications and are security cleared so that you have faith in them; and they are supported effectively by us so that they can complete more repairs first time.
So who are these engineers and what do we expect of them? For those families living in UK Service properties maintained by CarillionAmey, we employ a wide variety of engineers from multi-purpose tradesmen; plumbers; heating engineers and specialists.

All their qualifications are checked, making sure they hold current trade qualifications and they are all security cleared.  For example, all our gas heating engineers must hold the nationally recognised gas safe qualification. Our specialists come from companies that are subject matter experts in their fields; pest controllers, damp specialists, lift inspectors, play park specialists, chimney sweeps, radon and asbestos specialists and street lighting and fire alarm specialists.