Friday, 15 May 2015



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When moving back to the UK it is important that you understand how to access healthcare.

Information provided in this leaflet will help you and your family to do this. If you are unsure about anything in relation to you or your family’s healthcare then you should speak to your Unit or Local HIVE as soon as possible.

The provision of healthcare to you and your family will depend on where you live.

  1. For Serving Personnel - You will see little difference; your routine healthcare will continue to be delivered through your local Defence Primary Healthcare (military) medical centre.

  1. For your family - You may find that arrangements change as not all UK military medical centres offer a Families Practice that families can join. If the local medical centre does not offer a family service then your family must register with a local NHS GP practice. If you are unsure whether your family will be able to access a military medical centre then speak to your Unit or Local HIVE immediately.

Choosing a Local NHS GP Practice and accessing other health services

The choice of local NHS GP for your family will depend on the address of your new home. Your local practices can be found at the following sites:

Your family can register with a GP before they relocate, as soon as they know where they are going to be living. It will also be important to identify a local dentist and register with them as soon as possible. Information on dentists and other NHS services such as accessing hospitals, opticians, pharmacists and support for carers can be found through the above links.
Once your family member has registered with a GP, their existing medical records will be transferred. If they have specific health needs including medication, treatment and/or additional care they should discuss this directly with their Medical Officer and ask for a summary of their medical records before moving/posting. If a family member has specific health needs it is essential that the GP and other services are made fully aware of their needs when registering and before they move. This will ensure that the care they currently receive continues. Don’t forget, this also includes the need to ensure that maternity services are in place if a member of your family is pregnant and that your local health visitor is aware of under 5’s.
The GP should also be alerted if family members are undergoing a course of treatment or are on a waiting list for treatment. These needs will then be taken into account when they move allowing for the care they are receiving to continue.

In line with the Armed Forces Covenant you and your family are entitled to the same access to health services as the general public in the area in which you live and should not be disadvantaged in accessing health services.